Week #4

This week work went a bit slow *guess I needed some rest*, but I have some nice accomplishments. After the small ramdisk is booted I am planning to flash the eMMC. All communication is backed up by USB serial gadget. On this serial gadget I will implement a protocol similar to TFTP to have an order how to send data to the board. We will not be flashing the full image just the blocks that are needed to boot *it`s kinda hard to keep a 2 gigs .img on the Android device if you do not have a bigger uSD*.

Things working so far:

  • SPL transfer to board
  • U-Boot transfer to board
  • Booting FIT image *kernel + ramdisk + dts*
  • Serial communication via g_serial

Things to do next:

  • Finish the flashing of the eMMC
  • Refactor code
  • Do some more documentation
  • Prepare for midterm evaluation